Decembers Full Cold Supermoon

Supermoon – The Full Moon on December 3rd is known in folklore as the “Cold Moon” or “Long Nights Moon”.  It’s not just any old Moon this month, the only Supermoon in 2017.

When Is The Supermoon

The Moon in December 2017 will be the only one until January 2018 where there will be two Supermoons in one month. The first being the full Wolf Moon on January 2nd and a rare “Blue Moon” on January 31st.  The term “Blue Moon” is used for the second full Moon in a calendar month. A Blue Moon is a very uncommon occurrence – hence the term “Once in  a blue Moon”.

The term “Supermoon” is relatively new and describes a full Moon that is closer, brighter and apparently larger than normal.

A full Moon occurs each month when the Sun Earth and Moon line up.  The Moons orbit is slightly elliptical, meaning it’s orbit isn’t a perfect circle.  Occasionally when the Moon is full and its near its closest point to Earth (known as Perigee) it can appear up to 14% larger and 30% brighter than normal in the sky. “A Supermoon”.

To a normal passer by who is unaware that there is a supermoon they may not see any difference to any other full Moon, the differences are quite slight. The term can frustrate some as it has attracted a lot of hype implying the Moon is going to appear massive, when in reality there will be slightly noticeable differences.

If you were to look at the Moon when it first rises in the evening and when it’s close to the horizon it can appear much larger than usual. This is known as the Moon illusion and more info can be found here.

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